Publisher Rates

We are proud to have the highest rates in this type of program. Here you can find the rates per 1000 unique clicks for each country. To benefit from all your traffic, recurring clicks from a visitor are also counted and are calculated depending on the advertisements currently available for the visitor's country.

Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
United States $8.76 $8.93
United Kingdom $8.41 $8.52
Canada $7.53 $7.62
United Arab Emirates $7.21 $7.21
Australia $7.15 $7.21
United States Minor Outlying Islands $6.87 $7.03
Norway $6.35 $6.42
Sweden $6.17 $6.23
Finland $4.42 $4.47
Denmark $4.13 $4.22
France $4.04 $4.12
France, Metropolitan $4.03 $4.11
South Africa $2.89 $2.97
Mexico $2.78 $2.83
Spain $2.44 $2.53
Brazil $2.44 $2.51
Venezuela $2.42 $2.45
Argentina $2.36 $2.43
Saudi Arabia $2.38 $2.42
Singapore $2.24 $2.31
Malaysia $2.21 $2.28
Iceland $2.19 $2.24
New Zealand $2.15 $2.21
Germany $2.12 $2.18
Kuwait $2.06 $2.15
Indonesia $2.03 $2.12
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $1.72 $1.85



Minimum Payout: $5 USD
Payment Frequency: Instant (The payment is then sent to your PayPal account during business days no longer than 2 days after requesting)
Payment Methods:


Can I click on my own links?

You may click on your own links once to test them but you are not credited for those views. You cannot click on your own links to generate money.

Can I ask people to click on my links?

No, the visitor must click on your link because they wish to go to the destination website. You may not offer any incentives to your visitors to click on your links.

Can links be opened in a popup or iframe?

No, this is not accepted. links cannot be opened in a popup or iframe.The visitor must open your links by clicking on them.

How many people can register from one computer/household?

Everyone can register an account, however if you are using the same computer or the same internet connection, you cannot be referred by each other.